Sunday, September 28, 2008

Eww, McDonald's!

So I'm sitting in McDonald's right now stealing their power and signal because I'm still waiting for internet to be installed in my flat. In fact, two nice gentlemen from T-Kabel showed up on Friday to turn of my cable signal (all three channels) but had not yet received papers for my internet, so no dice. But I found McDonald's on the walking street and they have a wireless signal too. Just in case anyone was wondering I haven't bought anything from them yet, and I'm hoping I don't get caught. I'm trying to be as inconspicuous and in the corner as I can be. (Any readers with iPhones wouldn't be a complete loss if they came to visit) And I decided that I was past due for a blog entry, I apologize to anyone who has actually been checking in to see if I had posted anything yet.

I can't seem to upload any pictures yet but when I can I have some nice shots of Paprika Festival in Kalocsa, Budapest city shots, and I'll have some separate entries for some of the food I've been making while I've been here. So far I continue to gather recipes and ideas for cooking Hungarian food. I hope everyone is doing well! I'll blog again soon! Szeged will be having their own Paprika Festival (Paprika Napok) October 3-5.

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Hanna said...

Way to stay strong not purchasing anything from them. I have yet to give in as well...but I feel like the massive amounts of bread and Nutella I am currently consuming doesn't cancel out any of those calories.