Monday, February 9, 2009

New Knives and Homemade Jerky

I'd like to start this post with a big thank you to my family: Nick who made smoked beef jerky, Sam who included a most indispensable candy dispenser, and my Mom who mailed it all. I just got it today at school and was most happy to see it!

On with the post. Spar, a supermarket chain store has been running a promotional for a while where for every 1,000 HUF spend you collect a sticker. Over time, these stickers add up and are saved for discounts off of the Henckels knives they are selling. When this happened during the fall I figure it was high time to have some decent knives. My best knife in Europe, until today that is, was a cheap Tesco paring knife with which I've done everything from prep for stir-fries and soups to cutting bread. These are no small tasks for such a blade: have you seen the 1 kg loaves of bread here?

The sticker dispensing part of the promotional is ending this next Sunday and I've been noticing that the knife stock has been running out at my friendly neighborhood Spar's so I added up my points last night and realised I didn't have enough points for 50% percent off of the chef's knife, but I did have enough to get 25% off of a chef's knife, a paring knife and a steel. So today, after lessons, I went to 3 different Spar's to find my two new blades. The first one at Csillag tér didn't have either. I went to the next Spar a couple of stops closer to my flat and they only had the paring knife, so I bought it. Then I went to the tiny little Spar next to Mars tér and they had the chef's knife! Mission accomplished!

New Henckels knives

New knives put to task on some homemade jerky

Please note the hand-crushed arbol chiles on the jerky

So I'm guessing Nick made a marinade of soy sauce, salt, pepper, and sugar before smoking the beef strips in his Little Chief. Good job Nick! I love the extra hot the best, it's not too hot for me. It's about 85% hot, but 100% delicious!

And just in case you were wondering: this is the indispensable candy dispenser. It's a Wii controller. Cheers!

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