Monday, March 2, 2009


Train from Szeged to Budapest and bus from Budapest to Heves and then bus to Tarnaméra and and the whole thing back again, but it was the destination rather than the journey this time that made it all worthwhile. In Tarnaméra lives Eta who back during Margie's birthday weekend in Budapest invited us to her house for lángos. So here we were sitting in here house a couple of weeks later watching Carla mix the dough.

Carla trying not to strain herself...

Skillfully mixed for about a half hour Eta took the dough, divided it into balls and stretched them out in to oil, one by one, frying them to perfection.

Eta, the master, at work.

Perfectly golden-brown and delicious lángos.

Once perfectly golden-brown and delicious she removed them and using paper towels, in her own hands no less, patted the excess oil off of the lángos before serving them.

Dressed and ready for consumption!

After garnishing the lángos with minced garlic, sour cream, and cheese this delicious fried bread was ready for expeditious consumption! Eta was a fantastic host and entertained us in her home for most of the day. She even translated clues from a Hungarian board game, Activity, so we could swear and curse each other's successes and failures. What a day!

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