Thursday, May 14, 2009

Pita and Hummus

My apologies for falling behind in my blogging. I have some catching up to do. A couple of weeks ago, the end of April, Franny and I couldn't live without pita anymore so we made it ourselves. I searched for some recipes and took a little from different ones to create the one that we used.

The dough after the first rise.

After letting the dough (flour, salt, yeast and sugar, and water) rise Franny made 8 or 9 piles of dough so that they could rest and rise a little longer before rolling them out.

Has anyone ever left you a pile of dough?

Franny skillfully rolled the little dough balls out, without a rolling pin no less.

How does she do that without a rolling pin?

Then we baked them in a very hot oven to near perfection. Note: it's not a great oven.

Yum! Warm pita!

We also made a fresh batch of hummus from scratch to go with our warm pita bread! We served our homemade food with a nice veggie platter and made some delicious sandwiches.

Is it just me or are those vegetables happy?
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