Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Dinner at the Gablerbräu

After a long day of exploring the city with Franny and friends we found the Gablerbräu, a restaurant for the "everyman," according to its website. I chose a special and unfortunately can't remember the name of the dish. Because it's a special I can't find it online. It bore the name of Salzburg though, and I do remember what was in the dish.

Clockwise from the top: dumpling, blood pudding, bacon, bratwurst, roast pork and sauerkraut.

I was so excited to begin eating that I forgot that I might want to take a picture for the blog before taking a bite. Luckily Franny reminded me before I took more than a bit of the dumpling and pork roast. I think the pork was my favorite part of this dish with its caraway crust and natural tenderness which paired well with everything else on the plate. The blood pudding, which is tucked underneath the dumpling, was delicious and the sauerkraut was so good that Franny took as much "untainted" kraut as she could. Franny's friend Jenny even picked up the check! Thanks Jenny, I loved meeting you and Lindsey!
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Vanda said...

Yumm, that makes me hungry.